Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Restoring Your Computer

Welcome back to school and the beginning of the 2013-2014 school year!

Over the summer the IT department has been working hard on refreshing your computers and upgrading components of our network.  Below you will find some tips and tricks when you return to your computer for the first time. This information can also be found on this Google Doc which has been printed out and placed inside of your laptop or on your iMac.

Logging In

The system we use for logging into computers (Active Directory) and Google Apps EDU are now linked together.  When you log into your computer for the first time try the following steps.
  • Step 1 - Use your computer login account information from last year (ex: jsmith, followed by the password you used last year).  
  • Step 2 - If that does not work try using 2bchanged as the password.  If you use 2bchanged you will be prompted to change your password.  This change will also update your email password, so here is a helpful hint - use the same password you use for your Google Account.
If Step 1 worked for you and you would like to change your password so that it matches your Google Account follow these steps to update your account.  If you have a laptop please make sure you are connected to the NCS network before doing this.
  1. Go to the Apple Icon
  2. Choose System Preferences
  3. Select Users and Groups
  4. In the window that opens click Change Password and follow the steps in the menu.

Configuring Your Computer - Bookmarks & Drive
This video tutorial explains how to restore your bookmarks and files you backed up via Google Drive.

Restore Media Files from an External Hard Drive (Optional)
This video tutorial covers how to restore your media files (movies, music, and photos) from an external drive.

As always, please let anyone on the IT Team know if you have any questions.