Monday, December 17, 2012

Extending Education Inside & Outside the Classroom

I have a student in my Technology 6 course that is able to complete his assignments before the other students within my classroom.  To extend his learning on the Technology components taught each week, he's begun to create & publish short Quicktime Tutorial Videos.  Once I have approved the videos, they are posted to my class website for use. As this tutorial bank grows, I will have a collection of videos to direct students to who may have been absent or just need a quick reminder on the correct steps to accomplish their tasks.

At this point, the videos are short and very elementary tutorials however the student who would generally wait for the others to catch up to him is now able to teach others and have his videos published on the web.  He is learning how to speak clearly and be concise in his instructions. It is exciting to see his excitement in this on-going project.

Mrs. Chapman's Class Page - How to Videos

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