Friday, August 21, 2015

Schoology Tips & Tricks - Update #3 - Educator Communities

Communities are at the heart of Schoology, whether the community is your school, classroom, or after school group.  Users who have teacher or admin roles also have the opportunity to join larger Schoology communities tailored to a topic, content area, or instructional practice. Many educators using Schoology are classroom teachers using it by themselves, in non-enterprise environments, so groups are one way these teachers connect and collaborate.

Joining a group is as simple as clicking on Groups, followed by Find Public Groups. Once you are there you will find a listing of suggested and publicly available groups. You can click on the group title to peek into the group and determine whether or not you would like to join.

After joining a group their updates will appear in your Home feed, but you can also post questions or ideas to these groups and likely find very helpful responses from teachers all over the world in teaching positions like yours. A few groups I would highly recommend joining are Schoology EducatorsBlended Learning, and Flipped Classroom.

Thank you to Nicole for turning me on to these!


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