Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Tuesday Tech Tip #2 - Computer Logins

In the IT department we're often asked about computer logins. Part of the confusion is that in the past we have maintained a series of generic logins (charterle, charterpfaa, etc), but now everyone has their very own unique username and password for logging into the computers on campus. We made the switch to individual accounts because it reinforces positive digital citizenship skills by teaching students how to manage their own accounts and provides some ability for students and staff to customize their desktops on computers they regularly use.

Staff Logins
Every single staff member has their own login. These work on any computer on campus and Chromebooks. Users with laptops have logins that are configured to even work from home. Your login is meant to be used by you only, so please don't share it with others. There is a slight difference between computer and Chromebook logins which is demonstrated below.
Computers: jsmith
Chromebooks: jsmith@natomascharter.org
Student Logins
In Leading Edge, PFAA, and VLA every student has their own unique login, along with Star Academy students starting in 1st grade and middle school PACT students who are in Peggy Chapman's technology classes. PACT and Star Academy have special generic logins which are meant to be used by younger students who do not have their own accounts. Similar to staff logins, these should only be used by the student to whom the account is assigned and there is a slight difference between computer and Chromebook logins.
Computers: JohnS2020
Chromebooks: JohnS2020@natomascharter.org
Special Events
We do have a few generic logins which are used for special events. For example, the Area 3 Writing Project workshops have a login for outside guests to use our computers. We turn these logins on for the event and turn them off afterwards. If you have a special event where you will need to use the computers simply let us know through the Activities Request Form and we will make sure a login is set up.

New Students & Forgotten Passwords
When students enroll both Google and computer accounts are automatically created for them. Sometimes, however, account creation can be missed as part of the enrollment process. If you find that this has happened just let one of us know on the IT team and we can quickly create an account for the student. Similarly, if you find that a student has forgotten his or her password anyone on the IT team and Elsa can quickly reset it.

Hopefully, this post clears up some of the confusion around computer logins. If you have any questions please let me know.


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