Monday, April 7, 2014

Chrome is the New Black

Okay, so I completely stole that title from Mark Hammons' session at the CUE conference. However, it is a great lead into all of the amazing things Chrome can do for you. It is important to realize too that Chrome is more than just the browser on your computer, it is also the basis for the Chromebook's operating system. Pretty much anything you can do in Chrome, you can also do on a Chromebook.

Previously, I have written about some great educational uses for Chrome including Desmos Graphing Calculator, Geogebra, and BioDigital and we even have an entire page on the NCS PD Portal dedicated to using Google Chrome. However, below are three things I find myself using all the time and are great places to being customizing Google Chrome for yourself. I would also highly, highly, highly recommend checking out my friend JR Ginex-Orinion's page of Chromando resources.

Boomerang for Gmail
This might be my most favorite Chrome tool. Boomerang allows you to schedule emails or set up an email so that it resends every few days until you get a response. I use this tool to send all of my regularly scheduled emails, such as the weekly PD schedule. This way I can create the email when I have time (usually Friday or Sunday afternoon) and make sure it sends at the correct time (Monday mornings).

Customizing Search Engines
In Chrome Settings I always saw the button for Manage Search Engines, but I thought it was just for setting your default - Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. I does SO MUCH MORE! What it actually does is allow you to customize the Omnibar, Google's fancy word for the small box where you type in web addresses or search terms. For example, I have my omnibar set up so that when I type GDrive followed by the Tab button it automatically searches Google Drive for any of the terms I type in the box next. This tutorial will show you how. One thing I did have to figure out with a bit of trial-and-error is that the trigger word (in my example GDrive) goes in the middle box.
There are quite a few Chrome tools you can use to make your YouTube experience better. For example, AdBlock prevents advertisements from showing before the video starts, QuietTube creates a new link to the video without any of the surrounding material, and Turn Off the Lights makes the video pop out from a page. However, my favorite tool is Ultimate YouTube Downloader that allows to you download and save a video in multiple formats.

...One Last One - Restore a Closed Tab!
Have you ever accidentally closed a tab and the realized you needed it? Chrome can save you. On a Mac just type Cmd+Shift+T and the tab will reopen to the site it previously held.

Give these a try. They will make your browsing experience better. Also, take a look at the Chrome page on the NCS PD Portal.


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