Friday, October 19, 2012

Ninjas and Power Searchers

6th Graders Master Google Searching

PFAA 6th graders have just finished a unit on mastering Google Searching. Instead of me lecturing and giving them unoriginal, mundane questions to practice their search skills, they took part in Google's Power Searching course. Though the course would be demanding for most adults, 66% of my students successfully passed the course! They were rewarded with special Google certificates for being certified Google Power Searchers! In addition, they have been deepening their understanding of the Google Apps by participating in the NCS Google Ninja Training Program. The students work at their own pace to learn Searching, Drive, Sites, Calendar, and Mail. Each app has a white belt test they must pass before moving on to the green belt and then the black belt and then the master level. Each test is increasingly more difficult and challenging. As of today, 96% of the 6th graders have a white belt in Google Searching and are on their way to completing all the white belt levels. The program is so comprehensive and engaging but also gives the students exposure to real world use of Google. By the time they are in 7th grade, they will be expert Googlers! So if you need any help looking something up on Google, ask a 6th grader!
Jeanne Feeney

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  1. Over the summer I heard the statement, "Search is quickly becoming the ultimate 21st century skill." I didn't realize how true that was until I took the Google Power Searching class and understood how little I actually knew! Bravo to the 6th graders for jumping in with two feet!