Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Welcome to the NCS EdTech News blog!  On this site you will find links to stories and online resources for using technology to minimize the transactional and maximize the relational. Consider it another professional development venue for extending the conversation around the use of digital tools to help students become active, engaged, and literate 21st century citizens.  Most of the tools discussed here will be free and ubiquitous or resources to which you already have access.  Occasionally, you will also find stories for how your fellow NCS teachers and teachers across the world are using these tools with their students.

Check back often or even better yet subscribe to the blog with your email address or add it to your Google Reader or Flipboard feeds.  You will find a few new posts each week, along with additional writers Remember, blogging is a two-way conversation, so a critical component to using this medium is not only reading the posts, but also adding your own thoughts and ideas in the form of comments.  Do you need to comment on every post?  Of course not, but occasional comments are helpful for keeping the writers motivated.


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