Thursday, October 25, 2012

Writing Felonies

One of my edtech colleagues and English teacher in Monterey, Kevin Brookhouser, recently created a video series he uses with his students called Writing Felonies.  These humorous and sometimes interactive videos highlight common grammar mistakes many of us make when writing essays, blog posts, and Facebook updates.  You might find these videos handy for using with your students.  Some of my favorites include:
Kevin's Writing Felonies also demonstrate a new type of educational content appearing on YouTube - teacher created videos.  These short films are often only 2-5 minutes and teach key concepts educators find themselves repeatedly explaining in class or students struggle to fully grasp.  Last week YouTube announced the ten finalists for their YouTube Next EDU Guru program and in nearly every case the film producers are also educators.  Need help with Biology, American History, Spanish, or Japanese?  These teachers will get you started and along with Kevin they are finding new opportunities to share their expertise and reach students through video.


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